High Tunnel / Daily Operations Manager

With a background in Horticultural Science, Rebecca understands the importance of healthy plant development and maintains the day-to-day operations of the farm. Her disiplined approach to monitoring the quality of each crop yield, daily inspections and implemetation of allowable pest management systems, keep the farm running smoothly “behind the scenes.” 


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Education & Community

Kurt’s finger is always on the pulse of the community. His degree in business and marketing helps in the development of educational systems that keep the farm on the cutting edge of technology. His direct involvement with the community adds to his strengthening of the farms marketing program and further secures the direction of farms future.


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Post Harvest Packing & Handling

Developing an “expectation of perfection” is Freddy’s motivation and goal with everything he touches in the post harvesting process. His comittment is to the customer in providing not only the freshest vegetables at peak of harvest, but believes that beautiful presentation is as important as the taste that comes with the first bite!


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