Will you be a part of the change?

As I took my last bite of dinner tonight, I was reminded of how very fortunate I am.

Sitting here in our air-conditioned home, with all of the conveniences that would seem normal to most.

Regularly, I remind myself that I have worked really hard to provide these things, so it’s ok to have them. And then out of nowhere my conscience takes over. I forget when I am surrounded by these everyday essentials that there are others who experience something very different.

Approximately one-fifth of our country lives with an insecurity of where their next meal will come from. 

And all of the sudden, that beautiful plate of perfectly steamed farm fresh vegetables, takes on a completely different taste.


I will continue to share what I believe to be an important message and hope that even one more of you will be affected by my message. 

If you haven’t done so already, please click on the picture to discover how you can help others in need. 

Will you be a part of the change?



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