welcome to the farmstand

After months of working with our marketing department and shopping different clothing manufacturers, the farm has decided to partner with Fruit of the Loom in designing our Summer T-Shirt Collection. The addition of the farms apparel line comes at a time when more than ever, our customers are asking how they can help the farm…welcome to the farmstand. We are really proud of the fresh new look! Our designs have been spotted all over San Antonio. Thank you to our loyal fans! Now’s your chance to be spotted. See #risingkalefarms on Instagram

The farm is a unique place with big plans for the future. For the past 4 years we have been developing our egg business.  Thanks to all of you who support it, it’s thriving. But we don’t just do eggs. We are ready to start the construction of our first high tunnel greenhouse, where we will raise seasonal crops to take to market and distribute to local high-end, farm to table supporting restaurants. The profits from those sales will help change the dynamics of buying locally grown food, eating locally grown food, supporting small farmers who grow that food, and helping families in need change the way they eat and what they eat.

Why? Research has shown that an astounding numbers of families and children in our own community live without fresh food and vegetables as part of their diet, not because they aren’t available, but because they can’t afford them due of their financial situation.

So what does all this mean to you? When you place your order for your t-shirt, we will donate $5.00 to the 501 c-3 / non-profit side of our farm, known as Rising Kale Farms Community. That money will go directly to help feed disadvantaged families and children within the community. It’s simple. We think it’s a really smart way to help those in need. You can go here to order yours today! 


What’s next? Kickstarter. You haven’t heard of it? It’s crowd sourced fundraising. When we go live in mid-July, we will launch a video telling the story of the farm. We’ll keep you posted!  


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