Preparing the Spring garden

IMG_8985Today is Sunday, January 17th. That’s right, January. The temperature made it up to 65 degrees. It was the perfect day for preparing the Spring garden. And, for the past two growing seasons, we have worked on this soil, known as “Houston Black” to improve its drainage and overall performance. For the Spring garden, we have about 5000 square feet of planting space, which will give us more than enough room to grow an abundance of market fresh vegetables. In the past I planted a lot of things that I wanted to grow, to see which will do well without our having to bring in truckloads of soil that has been made somewhere else, just to make this garden work. There are certain vegetables that seem interesting and all, but to this soil, are not made for its high sulfur content. What does do really well here is what will be on the list of available vegetables come Summer.

As we dig and turn the soil for the early Spring vegetables, we are deciding on the varieties of  kale, broccoli, collards and chard, [considered Fall/Winter vegetables] mostly because they grow rapidly, and will do fine until the real heat of Summer kicks in. Once we see the heat of the soil has risen to the point when the tender young roots of tomatoes can survive, in they will go, with other Summertime favorites like squash, beans, and melons.

In addition, this year’s planting will include a whole host of herbs that are beneficial to the growth and development of the baby duckings. Basil, parsley, mint and dill, just to name a few. 

So, while we wait the arrival of our transplants from our local grower, we will continue to work on the fodder system that will continue to provide our little babies with the added nutrients needed for health bone and skeletal growth. 

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