Seasonal Planting Guide

Organic vegetables. Healthy food. Fresh organic carrots in farmers handsThere must have been something on the news last night that I missed about the benefits of eating broccoli and kale greens, because when I sat down in front of my computer this morning, in addition to receiving the usual orders from my customers for their weekly eggs, my inbox order form was inundated with well over 20 orders for both of the fore mentioned vegetables. Yikes! Then it hit me…there are quite a few folks out there who have no idea when certain vegetables are actually in season and available locally. So I have put together this handy seasonal planting guide that will help those of you who plan to plant a Fall garden this season, or a Spring garden next year. The list will also benefit those of you who do not, or cannot plant a backyard garden, and choose otherwise to buy your produce from a local source. 

In addition to the year round [multi-season] vegetables like, beans, lettuce, parsley, peas, peppers and various squash…the items listed below are seasonally available based on cool weather and warm weather conditions. 


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