The Almighty Habanero

The Almighty HabaneroOver the years, I have grown several different types of hot peppers, but none so powerful as the almighty habanero. With its combined shape and incredible color vibrancy, the almighty habanero packs quite a punch! Weighing in at between 100,00 and 600,000 on the Scoville scale, habanero peppers are prized for their ability to make a salsa sing, your favorite chili recipe punch its way from five alarm to six, or your homemade barbeque sauce take control of your grilled meats. By the way…the Scoville scale is the recognized method used today to gauge the intensity level of what makes a pepper hot, it capsicum or spiciness. As with most chili peppers, you can greatly reduce the intensity of its heat by removing the seeds.

Growing habanero peppers is really pretty easy. You just have to give them plenty of sun, well drained soil, and as with most vegetables, you have to water them. The almighty habanero loves the morning sun, and a slightly acidic soil. So be mindful when planting these powerful peppers to monitor your soil when creating the ultimate growing environment.

With more than 18 varieties of habanero peppers being grown around the world, [and counting] the heat that the pepper produces will range from variety to variety. As for the old myth of its color being directly related to its heat properties…you can disregard that one, it’s a myth. Want to grow some? Visit one of my favorite sites to start them from seed next season!

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