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With so much attention being focused on what we eat nowadays, the question is…should you be more concerned with buying local versus organic? For many years, both the large and small farmers and market gardeners around the world have found themselves face to face with the question of whether or not to move in the direction of organic certification. The biggest hurdle is the cost involved with becoming and partnering with the USDA. As consumers, our beliefs and convictions regarding what we eat and what we buy have been influenced by the media. Extensive research into the potential health risks and benefits of both sides of the argument, have guided many of us in the direction of what we choose to believe in. Of course, no one wants to eat or feed their families chemicals, but the facts put forth are often “dressed up” to appear solid, when in all actuality they are speculations at best, substantiated by large company spending. Your choice as a consumer to determine what’s right for you and your family is just that….your choice.

appleRecently I was our local grocery store, and was snooping around the organic section of the produce department. Then it hit me…Something is very wrong and something has got to change! We live in one of the greatest states in the nation, with more farm land than most other states could even dream of having. We have year-round growing opportunities that allow us to have the most abundant supply of fruits and vegetables of anywhere in the world. And we are importing from…where? As I snapped a few pictures for this article I wanted to pose the question of what you really want when it comes to choice…local versus organic

This article is not to imply that eating foods from other countries is a bad thing, but then why are we told not drink the water when we vacation in Mexico, or are we warned to not eat the fruit in Nicaragua because of health risks? Why are we so afraid of the potential health risks, yet are quick to scoop up a bag full of apples from Argentina…or a pound of tomatoes from Mexico, just because they claim to be organic?

Take a moment and watch the video below.






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