keeping chickens

keeping chickensKeeping chickens can be a rewarding experience on so many levels. Whether you’re keeping chickens for meat, eggs or just as pets, I believe you can tell exactly what a chicken is thinking when you look into their eyes. For me, from the very moment I pay my daily visit, to the click and the clank of their gate as I lock it, they seem transfixed on my every move and sound. They are definitely curious. But, what I have discovered over the past three and a half years while raising these characters, is that although they understand the basic theory of eat, drink, sleep, survive…they are really not very bright. This is Eureka, and she has no problem expressing herself, especially when you ignore her. It’s as though she is thinking that she is the only one that should matter when I enter the chicken yard. Eureka is just one of about forty five, eighteen week old hens that are soon to come into the laying stage of their life.

I purchased them at 3 days old from Strutty’s Feed Store in Spring Branch Texas. When they start the laying process, they will each lay one egg per day, and continue on somewhat of a regular schedule [if food and nutrition are kept in line] for approximately two to two and one half years. Their new home at the farm is now ready. It is positioned between two old barns and equipped with an ample supple of fresh water and grass for foraging. As with all my hens, my goal has always been to raise the healthiest, most well cared for hens in the county. That also means being protected from the elements, which includes more than the weather. You see, where the farm is located, the skies are often cloud filled with little chance of rain, but often speckled with sightings of spotted owls, hawks and various birds of prey. If you spend any time keeping chickens, you’ll surely want to protect them at all costs.

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